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Phone: 309-236-9356

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  1. Hi guys,
    Joe here from Corn Crib Nursery, we had such a good time with you this last Mothers Day! We were wondering if you would be available the first weekend in October for another show? It would be a Saturday night again.

    Thanks, Joe

  2. We are planning a gathering for next October. Probably the first weekend, or could be the last weekend in Sept. It would be at our home/ pole building in Cordova, IL.
    Would you be available and what do you charge for 3 hours or so?
    Carol Sidwell

    • We would charge between 800-1000 depending on the distance and difficulty in setting up the equipment. Please call 309-236-9356 THANK YOU
      PS. Sorry for taking so long to answer your letter. I just read it. My E-mail is

  3. Hey this is Jeanette Wren wife of Warren (The tambourine man) Where are you guys playing? Anywhere in the Moline? Quad Cities,? Silvis ?east Moline? Bettendorf? Rock Island? Warrens cell just text him 309-737-2867

  4. wE CHARGE 1,000 FOR 4 HOURS. The work is in the set up and tear down more so than the playing. Please call Jim at 309-236-9356

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